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for orchetsra (2018)

Royal National Scottish Orchestra (2018, Glasgow, Scotland)

2018 Composers HUB

Holly Mathieson


for ondes martenot and piano (2017)

From my experience as cellist and my interest for electroacoustic composition, it is been a pleasure for me to accept the commission to write a piece fro ondes martenot and piano for the Festical Messaien. This piece explores the expressive and musical qualities of this wonderful instrument.

The title of this piece comes form "tox", from the ancient Greek "toxikon" that means "poison used on the arrows", and "toxon" that means bow. This piece wants to express an acoustic and energetic process between these two instruments with so different timbre.

The expressivity of the ondes, based on a continuum of frequences that makes it similar to the human voice is confronted to the rhythmical and percussive violence of the piano.

Both instruments interact in a crossed toxic relationship, mixing their sonic characters one into the other.

Nathalie Forget & Flore Merlin (2017, La Grave, France)

Festival Messiaen


for large ensemble (2012)

The universe exists in between two singular points: one is the maximum concentration and the lack of time and space, the other one is the maximum dilution and a terminal unfolded time. An aeon is the lapse of time between these two moments and therefore the overall duration of the universe. Whether it unfolds and refolds again is a theoretical supposition.

Æon is an invitation to follow this voyage of creation and annihilation in a human size, a representation of the forces in movement ordering space and form whose origin and end are the same singular point. The gestures are linked one to another as part of a continuous evolution and differentiation. The path evolves like on the surface of the Moebius strip, once the journey ends by going through the limits of the strip it finishes at the same starting point but in an opposite space. There are never two identical moments after a cycle, though our rationality invites our perception to think we are back to the same situation.

Klangforum Wien (2012, Graz)

Enno Poppe, conductor


for 6 performers (2016)

A for Argon

T for Titanium

O for Oxygen

M for Magnesium

S for Sulfur

Ensemble Diagonal (2016, Radio France, Paris)

Rut Schereiner, conductor


for orchestra (2010)

Orchestre National de Lorraine (2016, Metz)

Jacques Mercier, conductor


for ensemble (2014)

Ensemble Vertixe Sonora (2014, Santiago de Compostela)

Baldur Brönnimann, conductor


for flute, string trio and piano (2013)

Ensemble Musica QuLacoza (2013, Nagoya, Japan)


for large ensemble and live electronics (2012)

Orchestre des Lauréauts du CNSMDP (2012, Paris)

Tito Ceccherini, conductor


for six singers (2013)

EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble (2013, Paris)

James Weeks, conductor


for duo female singers and cymbalum (2009)

Neue Vocalsolisten & Luigi Gaggero (2009, Royaumont, Paris)


for ensemble (2013)

Ensemble BCN216 (2013, Barcelona)

Prats, conductor


for saxophone and cello (2015)

Duo Denisov (2015, Paris)


for voice, recorder and electronics (2013)

Duo UMS 'n JIP (2013, Barcelona)


for piano and electronics (2015)

Dani Espasa (2015, Kyoto)


for small ensemble (2014)

Lontano Ensemble (2014, London)

Odaline de la Martinez, conductor


for women voices (2014)

Cor de noies Exaudio (2014, Barcelona)

Júlia Sesé, conductor


for tubax solo, large ensemble and electronics (2010)

Tout Bas is all about the discovering of the Tubax, the contrabass saxophone developed by Benedikt Eppelsheim in 1999.

This piece explores the different registers, special techniques and expressivity of this wonderful and sonorous instrument through a concertando form;

the ensemble and live electronics dress the Tubax up as a timbrical extension. Bass instruments from different families wrap around the Tubax sound with the exception of tenor an soprano saxophones who act as his natural register extension.

His potential unfolds throughout the piece and demands high technical and expressive skills.

Miguel Ángel Lorente & Paris Conservatoire Performers (2014, Paris)

Pasquale Corrado, conductor


for electronics (2014)


for electronics (2014)


for piano (2005)

 REDES (2005, TVE)

Affinités Électives

for small ensemble (2011)

Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (2011, Québec)

Lorraine Vaillancourt, conductor

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