STRYX (2010)

for orchestra


Premièred in Arsenal, Metz by Orchestre Nationale de Lorraine, in Centre Acanthes summer academy on July 16th 2010, conducted by Jacques Mercier.

ÆON (2012)

for large ensemble


Commissioned by Klangforum Wien, Impuls International Competition Prize 2012. Premièred on February 9th in Impuls Academy 2013, Graz by Klangforum Wien conducted by Enno Poppe.

EIMAI (2013)

for vocal ensemble


Commissioned by Ensemble Vocal Exaudi. Recorded on June 29th 2013 in Manifeste Academy, Paris.

A-TOMS (2016)

for small ensemble


Commissioned by Ensemble Diagonal. Recorded on June 27th 2016 for Alla breve, Radio France, Paris.

Inspiration from Physics


Due to my passion for Physics and its study for years at the University of Barcelona, a great number of my pieces are inspired by Astrophysics, such as Mira, ISON, Eon & Algol.


The universe is full with wonders that influence all of us without noticing. Music is the human response to this.


April 10th 2018

RSNO Composers' Hub, Glasgow (RSNO Auditorium)


2 p.m.

Workshop of "1-o" for orchestra by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in Glasgow, conducted by Holly Mathieson.

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Paris, 2018




Krass, New piece for 2 microtonal accordions, commission by XAMP accordion duo.


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Music rules, humans echo.

My music is about sensual simplicity and the pleasure of an active listening.


The core of my composition process is the sound itself.

As the eyes try to discriminate shades of a particular colour and different textures in paintings,

as the hands attempts to discern the different materials an object is made of,

as the tongue seeks to perceive the mixture of ingredients in a recipe;


My music explores the fusion of instrumental colours to obtain new musical gestures.


So, my central concern is how the acoustic features of various instruments can be combined together to obtain new hybrid timbres and textures, that will invite the audience to discover their own listening capabilities and consequently foster an awareness for the subjective thinking process present in the every act of perception.

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